Our vision

"Close to everything and opportunities for everyone".

A great place to live

Nedre Eiker is a great place to live and grow up. Trails, lakes and recreational areas are within easy reach. Our community is vibrant, growing and known for its cultural diversity. Municipal services are continuously adapted to our inhabitants ever changing needs. Local businesses are thriving in our central location, giving rise to new and exciting job opportunities.


Nedre Eiker is centrally located in the eastern part of Norway, approximately 60 km south west of Oslo. The river "Drammenselva" runs through our beatiful municipality. In east Nedre Eiker borders to the municipalities of Drammen and Lier, in the west Øvre Eiker and Modum are the two neighbouring municipalities. Drammen is the regional centre of the county of Buskerud. Buskerud stretches from the Oslo fjord in the east to the high mountain in the west, making it a Norway in miniature.

Nedre Eiker is a part of the Drammen region. Learn more about our lovely region at visitnorway.com.